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We4climate is a youth led,non profit organization based in Kigali Rwanda, which is by youth and for youth while promoting intergenerational equity in environmental and climate nexus because youth empowerment achieved through experience from working with elder generations who are experts in climate and environmental issues.

Rwanda is now facing climate change and we know that we are the ones to contribute in mitigation and adaptation measures,we can't forget that youth should get informed ,educated,involved in environmental researches,read a lot of newspapers,joining global platforms in order to know what is really needed in ecosystem restoration and reality of climate change.

We meaningfully engage,train,link,empower youth to,within climate works by bringing out,creating and sharing opportunities with them. Webinars and on ground projects for making sure we are linking youth with nature and tangible actions to experience ground reality, this empowers mentally and practically our team and whole world benefit from that.

As current and future leaders, we should be able to co-design our own future with decision-makers. In the search for solutions to the climate crisis, decision-makers, civil society and political leaders cannot forget young people, they cannot forget frontline and marginalized communities, and they cannot forget nature and climate.

Our Mission

To establish an effective, sustainable nationwide environmental youth network that promotes, informs, advocates and mobilizes Rwandan youth to engage, leveraging on support and facilitation from stakeholders, resulting into environmental conservation, decent green jobs and sustainable and inclusive development, here are three we4climate’s Mission critical points:
1.Empowering Rwanda’s youth to achieve sustainable environmental and biodiversity conservation.
2.To elevate the voices of youth by providing a platform to share their Ideas and have them be heard.
3.Linking youth to the opportunities and creating more green projects and Jobs.

Our Goals

1.Promoting positive perceptions on the environment in Rwanda’s youth without compromising adults.
2.Giving platform for dialogues on environmental issues, inspirations through intergenerational equity.
3.Linking Rwandan youth to the opportunities and helping them to come up with Nature based solutions through information sharing and training.
4.Carrying out environmental education through the countryside and internationally.
5.Empowering local people through involving them in all our projects.
6.To sensitize the youth from their early age in protecting the environment.

Our vision

1.Represent Rwandan youths in environmental conservation to national and international close.
2.Creating at least working environmental clubs and coordinating them at district level.
3.Ensure compliance with collective international agreements and conventions regulating environment sector;
4.Reinforce members’ capacity through trainings, advice, consultancy and information sharing;

Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion.

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Kigali, Kicukiro; KK 508 St, Kigali
+250787712266/ +250738110139

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